A Beautiful Struggle

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“Struggle is the food from which chbutter69ange is made, and the best time to make the most of a struggle is when it’s right in front of your face…True struggle happens when you can sense what is not working for you and you’re willing to take the appropriate action to correct the situation. Those who accomplish change are willing to engage the struggle.”

-Danny Dreyer

In times of struggle, I sometimes think of the life of a caterpillar and its transition to a butterfly. In a period of solitude, like for the caterpillar, there can be changes, it’s often dark, and there is confusion; but on the other side, there is great light and new understandings.  Life seems to be a series of transitions from one cocoon to another and in each one,  we are shaped anew.  What if we practiced patience with ourselves in those periods? Perhaps doing so  could help us embrace every moment of our lives as an endless journey of self discovery and learning.  Perhaps that is why we struggle…

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