A Master Craftsman

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“Every one of us is, even from his mother’s womb, a master craftsman of idols” – John Calvin

There is something magnificent about craftsmanship. Taking a piece of material; using the mind to envision something not yet known, and creating it with ones bare hands.. An expression of self – what we as humans are capable of – that is tangible and ever lasting. When I appreciate a piece of art, a sculpture or any material thing; I am inspired to think of what it took to create it. How did it’s creator live? What drove them to create this? What did they stand for?

Imagine if we looked at every material thing that way… We often forget to notice how almost everything we touch is a result of someone else’s efforts. Everything we think about; a product of someone else’s mind. Would acknowledging that change the way you relate with the world? It does for me. If I consider every element of my life; even my being, as a gift granted to me, I am inspired to care more deeply, to act more nobly and choose more responsibly.

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