How Do You Know A Mother?

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Yesterday was Mothers Day in America. In thinking of all the mothers I have known, I was inspired to consider what a mother represents..
A mother embodies all the qualities of love, care, nurture; what some might say are the innate qualities of a woman. A mother doesn”t necessarily have own children; perhaps she cares intently for her friends or community, perhaps she has people who rely on her for love and support. A mother builds wisdom, earned through years of guiding her young, of struggling and sacrificing for others, and seeing the effects of her actions. To be a mother is to love and uphold love in the world. A mother is responsible and committed. She knows what she represents and acts responsibly with the privilege she holds.
Today I celebrate and give tribute to all the mothers out there.

With love…
“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
― Abraham Lincoln

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