Security Alert

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What is security? We all have a sense of it; we search for it, we enforce it, we expect it. But how do we know if we are truly “secure”? To what lengths will we go to try to ensure it?

These are questions I have been walking around with these past few weeks. As life goes by, my days are full with wonderful things, people and projects, yet I can’t help interfacing with this desperate need for security. I recently discovered that in some American states, children are being sent to school wearing bullet proof vests. I read news of migrant children; drowned, their little, empty bodies washed ashore as their families attempt to escape violence and find peace. It takes hours to clear airport security. Bigger alarms, bigger weapons, stronger borders – all created with the notion that we will be safer as an affect of their existence. We concern ourselves with our safety, on a daily basis… How sad it is that we have created this world.  What do we not see, or feel, that causes us to allow this to continue?

As our violent behaviours; our willingness to destroy, and our increased capacity to do so, escalates, our borders become stronger, our fear increases and our need for security skyrockets. How do we survive in a world where this is so? Do we make ourselves vulnerable to violence? Or do we barricade our houses, vest up our children and block our borders? I do not know the answer; but I know that over the course of my life, I have never seen an increase in man-made security create lasting, positive change. It may take a disaster beyond comprehension to cause us to recognise our humanity and put down our guns. It may never happen. But in the projects I dedicate my time to, and the people I support, I will always keep working to make this so.

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