The Movement of Women

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womenoftheworldunite2011forglobalfundsubmission2014Everyday I am in awe of the women who are part of Jness.  It really is a  privilege to have friendships that are are deeply committed and loving, I’ve never experienced friendships this way before. I think, in large part, our commitment to one another is  due to  our shared journey with the Jness curriculum.  With each passing moment I see what Jness can offer to the world and why I spend most of my time building our organization, connecting with women, and making our curriculum stronger.  As women, our ability to feel and care for others makes us prime candidates to gently lead the world in upholding humanity.  It’s exciting to me that we can facilitate a movement of women who reflect and ask questions of themselves, which as a result, help them grow more centered.  It’s exciting to me that these opportunities are in Jness.  

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